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I'm Cameron, a Tauranga-based entrepreneur deeply invested in our community. I'm driven by a genuine passion for our city and its people. I want to be your voice on the Tauranga City Council to ensure our community thrives through thoughtful, grounded leadership.

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SunLive: Fresh faces stepping up for new era

Rosalie Liddle Crawford

It’s 1pm on a Saturday and Cameron Templer has returned home for a lunch break after a solid three hours of pounding pavements and door knocking around his neighbourhood.

The need for a Supermarket in the Welcome Bay Ward

Cameron Templer

In this article I talk to the CEO of Foodstuffs NZ, Chris Quin, to discuss a supermarket in our ward and see if I can do anything as a potential councillor to help make it happen. It turns out if elected I can ensure a supermarket for the Welcome Bay Ward.

Transport and Infrastructure in the Welcome Bay Ward

Cameron Templer

Our ward is continuing to be a rapidly growing community, but its growth has presented challenges, the obvious being the traffic congestion. Addressing this issue is not just a promise but a commitment to enable sustainable development and improve the quality of life for you and our community.