My Vision.

My vision for the Ward and Tauranga is a vibrant, smart, and connected community that is a great place to live, work, and play. I want a city that is a leader in innovation, sustainability, and community engagement. A city that is a model for the rest of New Zealand and the world.

Having a vision is important. It provides a clear direction and purpose, aligning efforts and decisions towards a common goal. A high level of clarity is essential for keeping focused on whats important, and for ensuring we don't get distracted by the noise.

I like to think of this vision statement as living. It will be refined and expanded upon as we work together to create a brighter future for the Welcome Bay ward and Tauranga.

Welcome Bay Ward

The need for a Supermarket: In this article I talk to the CEO of Foodstuffs NZ, Chris Quin, to discuss a supermarket in our ward and see if I can do anything as a potential councillor to help make it happen. It turns out if elected I can ensure a supermarket for the Welcome Bay Ward. Read more here→

Transport and Infrastructure: There is no question that our roads and public transport are a big issue in the Welcome Bay ward. Working with local experts and community members to find a solution will be a top priority. Read more here→

Welcome Bay Community Watch: After living here in Welcome Bay almost my entire life, it is no surpirse that concerns about safety and security are a common talking point while I am out door-knocking and speaking with residents. Many residents have expressed a desire for a more organised approach to community safety. In response to these concerns, I am proposing the establishment of the Welcome Bay Ward Community Watch. Read more here→

Community Engagement Programs: I am going to establish regular forums, events, and platforms for citizens to engage with local council, voice their ideas, and participate in decision-making processes. Even if its just with me. Read more here→

Community Ideas: Since the start of the year, I've been door knocking asking people to give me their thoughts and opinions on what they believe our ward needs. Share your thoughts and we can build a better tomorrow, together. Survey→

Tauranga City

Innovation Hub: Tauranga needs to develop a dedicated innovation hub or tech precinct to foster collaboration among local businesses, startups, and educational institutions. This is proven to attract talent, investment, and create high paying jobs which drives the local economy. Read more here→

Youth Council: Formation of a youth council is necessary to let young people voice the concerns and perspectives for the city. This will help ensure that the younger generation is represented the council and that their needs are being met. Read more here→

Sustainable Infrastructure: Implement eco-friendly practices like renewable energy sources, green building standards, and waste reduction programs to make the city more sustainable. Read more here→

Education and Skills Development: Tauranga needs to strengthen educational programs focusing on tech, entrepreneurship, and sustainable practices to prepare the younger generation for future opportunities. Read more here→

Promotion of Local Businesses: I want to develop initiatives alongside the Tauranga Business Chamber to support and showcase local businesses, encouraging entrepreneurship and boosting the local economy. Read more here→