Revitalising Tauranga’s CBD

Tauranga's Central Business District (CBD) once buzzed with activity, but over the years, it has faced significant challenges, leading to a decline that has left it struggling to keep pace with the rest of our thriving city. As a candidate for Tauranga City Council, my commitment is to breathe new life into our CBD, transforming it into a vibrant, dynamic hub that reflects the spirit and potential of our community. Here’s how we can achieve this revitalisation.

Develop a Business-Friendly Environment

To revive our CBD, we must first create an environment that encourages businesses to set up shop and thrive. Simplifying the bureaucratic processes involved in starting and running a business will attract entrepreneurs and investors. Initiatives such as “Buy Local” campaigns can encourage residents to support businesses within the CBD, ensuring money spent locally helps to stimulate our economy.

Enhance Public Spaces and Parking

A vibrant CBD needs to be visually appealing and functional. Improving our public spaces and offering more parking spots will make the CBD more inviting and enjoyable for residents and visitors alike. There is a lot of friction for residents going to the CBD due to the limited parking spots. Offering easy and free parking in our CBD to create less friction for our community to get out and shop in the CBD will be vital to revival.

Support High-Rise Apartments

Supporting the development of high-rise apartments such as Elizabeth Towers in Tauranga's CBD is essential for creating a vibrant, dynamic urban core. High-rise living maximizes space efficiency, providing much-needed housing while minimizing urban sprawl. This influx of residents will activate the CBD, fostering a lively, 24/7 atmosphere that boosts local businesses and cultural activities. Additionally, higher population density supports improved infrastructure and public transport, promoting sustainability and reducing our environmental footprint. Embracing high-rise apartments is a strategic move to transform our CBD into a bustling, thriving community hub.

In Conclusion

Revitalising Tauranga's CBD is not just about economic development; it's about creating a community where people want to live, work, and play. By focusing on these key areas, we can transform our CBD into a vibrant, dynamic heart of Tauranga that reflects the aspirations of our residents and the potential of our city. As a candidate for Tauranga City Council, I am committed to this vision and to working tirelessly to make it a reality.

Let’s work together to bring our CBD back to life and create a future we can all be proud of.