Why I am going Door-to-Door throughout all of the Welcome Bay Ward

In the heart of local governance lies a fundamental truth: the council exists to serve its people. As I gear up to run for the Welcome Bay council position, I’m putting a lot of focus on something pretty old-school: door knocking. Now, you might wonder why I’m taking this approach in our digital age, but let me break it down for you.

First off, door knocking isn’t just about getting votes. It’s about connecting, really hearing what you all want and need from a councillor. When I’m at your doorstep, it’s not just a pitch—it’s a chance for me to understand your concerns, your hopes, and your vision for our ward.

But it’s not just about me learning. It’s about building trust and showing that your voice truly matters. I want you to know that I’m committed to representing your interests, and that starts by listening to you directly.

Now, why does this matter beyond the campaign trail? Well, because when I know what matters to you, I can actually make a difference. I want to create policies and plans that actually reflect what our community needs—whether it’s better roads, community programs, or boosting our local economy.

And guess what? This kind of engagement doesn’t just stay at your doorstep. It gets people involved. When you see a candidate out there, really invested in understanding your life, it encourages everyone to be more active in how our community is run.

Plus, when I understand what matters to our community, it doesn’t just benefit us—it helps shape a better Tauranga as a whole. Policies based on real conversations with you all tend to be more effective and inclusive, making our entire city a better place to live.

So, bottom line? Door knocking isn’t just a campaign strategy; it’s about showing up, listening, and working together to make our ward the best it can be. Let’s build a future where our council truly represents us—a community where everyone’s voice counts.