Community Engagement with Local Council

As the 2024 local council elections loom on the horizon, I want to redefine community involvement in the Welcome Bay ward and the greater city. I will outline my strategy aimed at enhancing connectivity and empowerment within the local community.

Reimagining Engagement: Bridging the Gap

I envision a council that resonates deeply with the pulse of its community—a space where residents feel heard, involved, and empowered to shape the future. Fundamental to this vision is the creation of robust engagement avenues that transcend traditional barriers.

Introducing the TCC Podcast: Amplifying Council Initiatives

Central to my strategy is the inception of the TCC Podcast, a dynamic platform designed to summarise and simplify council plans, initiatives, and discussions. Nobody wants to watch the full three hour council meetings. I want to make this podcast an accessible gateway for residents to gain insights into the workings of the council, breaking down complex policies into easily digestible episodes. With a focus on transparency, these podcasts aim to bridge the information gap, ensuring that every resident is well-informed and engaged.

Monthly Community Days: Connecting Face-to-Face

Recognizing the power of direct interaction, I plan to host a dedicated day each month to meet with the local community. These Community Days will serve as an open forum for residents to voice their concerns, ideas, and aspirations directly to their council representative. It will initially only be aimed at Welcome Bay ward residents, but may grow to the greater city if there is traction.

Embracing Digital Platforms: Engaging the Tech-Savvy Generation

As someone who understands the power of social media, I intend to use social media and digital platforms to facilitate continuous dialogue. Online meetings, live Q&A sessions, and interactive polls will provide additional avenues for residents to engage, ensuring that the council remains accessible to all generations.

Collaboration and Partnerships: Uniting for Progress

My vision extends beyond the council chambers. I plan to collaborate with local organizations, schools, and businesses to create joint initiatives that foster community growth. These partnerships will tap into the rich diversity of our ward, uniting its members in common goals and shared aspirations.

Conclusion: A Community-Driven Future

My commitment to community engagement transcends the conventional bounds of council representation. By embracing face-to-face interactions, digital connectivity, and collaborative partnerships, my vision for the Welcome Bay ward promises a future where every voice matters. Together, as a united community, the Welcome Bay ward stands to embark on a journey of progress, inclusivity, and shared prosperity.

Photo cred: University of Kansas