My Objectives.

A list of my long-form objectives on what I believe the Welcome Bay ward and our city needs and why. Staying true to my campaign slogan, "Actions over words" I have taken actions to make plans and connections to achieve all these objectives. Click on the title to read the full article.

The need for a Supermarket in the Welcome Bay Ward

In this article I talk to the CEO of Foodstuffs NZ, Chris Quin, to discuss a supermarket in our ward and see if I can do anything as a potential councillor to help make it happen. It turns out if elected I can ensure a supermarket for the Welcome Bay Ward.

Transport and Infrastructure in the Welcome Bay Ward

I spoke with Brendan Bisley, the former director of transport for the Tauranga City Council over the last 4 years. He shared his opinion with me on the current situation and the challenges we face, why we have these issues, and what we can do to address them.

Revitalising Tauranga’s CBD

Tauranga’s Central Business District (CBD) once buzzed with activity, but over the years, it has faced significant challenges, leading to a decline that has left it struggling to keep pace with the rest of our thriving city. As a candidate for Tauranga City Council, my commitment is to breathe new life into our CBD, transforming it into a vibrant, dynamic hub that reflects the spirit and potential of our community. Here’s how we can achieve this revitalisation.

Welcome Bay Ward Community Watch

After living here in Welcome Bay almost my entire life, it is no surpirse that concerns about safety and security are a common talking point while I am out door-knocking and speaking with residents. Many residents have expressed a desire for a more organised approach to community safety. In response to these concerns, I am proposing the establishment of the Welcome Bay Ward Community Watch.

Community Engagement with Local Council

As the 2024 local council elections loom on the horizon, I want to redefine community involvement in the Welcome Bay ward and the greater city. I will outline my strategy aimed at enhancing connectivity and empowerment within the local community.

Why I am going Door-to-Door throughout all of the Welcome Bay Ward

In the heart of local governance lies a fundamental truth: the council exists to serve its people. As I gear up to run for the Welcome Bay council position, I’m putting a lot of focus on something pretty old-school: door knocking. Now, you might wonder why I’m taking this approach in our digital age, but let me break it down for you.

Transforming Tauranga with a Startup Hub

How I am going to cultivate innovation, nurture local talent, and drive economic growth in Tauranga. This is the blueprint for a collaborative haven that propels the city into a thriving hub for groundbreaking ideas on a global scale.

Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: Creating a Tauranga Youth Council

Tauranga needs a Youth Council. A platform aimed at amplifying the voices and aspirations of the city’s vibrant youth community. Understand why we need to foster engagement, nurture leadership skills, and craft tailored solutions for youth-centric issues, driving Tauranga towards a future where every young voice shapes the city’s thriving and inclusive landscape.

Fostering Tech, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainability in Education

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, preparing the younger generation for the future requires more than traditional education. To empower them as innovative thinkers, leaders, and problem solvers, a strategic focus on technology, entrepreneurship, and sustainable practices within educational programs is essential.

Empowering Local Businesses for a Thriving Community

Promoting local businesses isn’t just about boosting commerce; it’s about nurturing the heartbeat of our community, creating a tapestry of unique offerings that define the character and charm of Tauranga. Here’s a roadmap to bolstering our local business ecosystem